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More Remodeling Leads: 7 Proven Strategies

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More Remodeling Leads: 7 Proven Strategies

The #1 reason home remodelers fail to grow their business is that they lack a consistent flow of new job leads. It is absolutely impossible to scale your business past the multi-million dollar revenue mark if you’re guessing where the next client will come from or if you’re relying solely on referrals for a new job. It’s a stressful place to be and keeps you from focusing on the initiatives that will actually take your business to the next level.

Home remodelers rely on a steady flow of leads to book more consultations, close more deals, and increase revenue. In our rapidly changing digital environment, the best approach to generate home remodeling leads is to meet your clients online and take deliberate efforts to ensure your home remodeling brand stands out in an increasingly competitive industry.

Why is a focus on digital marketing so important for home remodelers? Because the digital space is where your clients are looking for your services! In 2020, 93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business.

Some important questions to ask:

  1. When a homeowner in your neighborhood is ready to start a remodeling project and searches Google for “home remodelers near me,” does your company come up on the first page? Over 45% of all clicks go to the top three ranking website pages.
  2. If a homeowner does visit your website, are we showcasing our best work? Does your website provide a strong representation of our craftsmanship?


Get the most out of your marketing investment by focusing on efforts that actually move the needle for your business, from optimizing your website and Google Business Profile to automating and managing your reviews across multiple platforms.

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Generate more home remodeling leads, book more consultations, and close more profitable projects by delivering an awesome client experience from start to finish. 

Explore each strategy below to streamline your home remodeling company’s marketing and sales operation:

1. Know your audience and reach them with the right marketing message that differentiates your brand

Before using any marketing methods, a home remodeling company must understand how to reach their target market. This requires learning as much as possible about your clients, aside from the fact that they are homeowners looking to have home remodeling done.

Knowing your prospective clients’ age, gender, average family income, and credit score can allow you to create extremely successful and powerful marketing tactics.

Another option is to further segment your target market by characteristics such as zip code, equipment age, membership status, date of last service, or new homeowners. It is critical to know which message to send to which client at which time.

Along with knowing your audience, you must also understand their alternatives to working with your company. Who will they work with if they don’t work with you? Are you substantially unique from your competitors? Is it evident on your website why you are the best choice for home remodeling work in your service area?

You must have a strong message that defines why you are the greatest home remodeling business in the area, and this message must be reinforced throughout all marketing touchpoints.

2. Master local SEO, as it is the most effective and efficient marketing channel.

If you’re a home remodeler trying to grow your business, but lacking the consistency in revenue to do so – we recommend starting by making sure that your business comes up on the first page of Google when searching for “home remodeling in your city”.

In our opinion – this is the most impactful lead generation strategy for home remodelers.

Mastering local SEO (search engine optimization) ensures your home remodeling company’s name or website appears at the top of search engines such as Google. Clients with home remodeling needs want to employ someone nearby.

Include top-ranked keywords in every website, social media, newsletter, business directory, and digital advertising material to generate home renovation leads. Include your location or neighborhood as a keyword to attract local clients. “Austin Bathroom Remodeling”

For most remodelers the first step to this is getting on the front page of Google when customers search for “home remodeling companies near me”.

Google’s algorithm finds the most relevant results when a client searches “kitchen remodel” or “home remodeler near me.” Since Google’s organic search results are based on relevance, geography, authority, and other variables, not only ad expenditure, smaller firms can appear as prominently as larger companies.

Google Local Services lets you market your home remodeling business and obtain leads from customers. When a homeowner searches “home remodeler Miami,” your ad shows first.

If you’re wondering how to start generating a consistent flow of leads for your remodeling company, I recommend downloading our free guide on lead generation for home remodelers.

3. Optimize your website for local visibility. Design it for conversions.

If you don’t use your website to generate home renovation leads, you’re losing cash.

These are very simple steps that ensure your website is ranked for applicable search terms and can convert visitors into leads.

  • Google favors mobile-friendly, responsive websites. Online home remodeler searches are often urgent.
  • Optimize your website so people find you first and become a home remodeler lead.
  • Make it appealing by using SEO keywords in a clean, user-friendly style.
  • Personalization. Behind-the-scenes videos can tell your company’s story.
  • Highlighting reviews or testimonials. Happy customers will promote your home remodeling business.
  • Calls-to-action engage clients (CTA). Strong CTA’s allow you to easily reach clients. Make sure your website’s phone number is always visible and answered. Offers, rebates, and other incentives can boost home remodeling leads.


4. Automate online reviews to increase SEO effectiveness and inspire leads to convert.

When a customer needs the services of a home remodeler today, few consult the phone book or ask a neighbor for suggestions. They go online to look for reputable local home remodelers with excellent online ratings.

94% of customers say they’ve avoided a business due to negative reviews. 

Not only do online reviews play a huge role in differentiating your brand from the competition, they also significantly impact your online visibility.

Review signals account for about 15% of Google local rankings. Meaning company with better and more reviews, get ranked better for search terms.

Prospective clients read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a business. Real remodeling clients who leave positive reviews help build the reputation your business.

5. Use email marketing to increase the lifetime value of clients and get more referrals.

It is more challenging than ever to acquire new clients; therefore, the emphasis should always be on retaining existing clients and increasing their sales with your business. Email marketing is unquestionably one of the most efficient techniques for increasing customer lifetime value by keeping your brand front of mind for their next remodeling job.

Even in less difficult times, it might cost up to 16 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Retention has many moving elements, channels, and indications, but its main goal is to boost customer interaction and strengthen their bond with your company.

Email is your most successful marketing platform, as well as one of the best ways to build and strengthen client relationships, which are more vital than ever when customer acquisition slows.

Here are some easy basic email marketing tactics that you can implement today:

  • Inspire your clients by showcasing your recent projects
  • Share remodeling insights to ensure that people see you as an expert
  • Leverage automated emails to request reviews
  • Create segments based on client behavior

6. Using social media the right way.

Many home remodelers have wasted significant time and dollars attempting to create leads through social media. Your attention should be on the channels through which customers look for your services. This type of local company search is done on Google, not Facebook or Instagram.

That being said, there is one tactic that has been proven to deliver leads on social media platforms. Generate leads by leveraging the network of you clients via tagged content:

  • When you finish a project, ensure you capture the client’s social media username.
  • Have your team design a beautiful portfolio showcase of the project; outlining the scope of work and featuring professional photography.
  • Post the content and tag your client’s social media username. 
  • The tagged content will be viewable by your client’s network of followers / friends – spreading brand awareness to your target audience.
  • This very often results in a handful of inquiries.

7. Invest in paid digital advertising that provides targeted awareness and lead generation.

It can be hard for home remodelers to market their businesses online. Getting your business noticed online can be hard, especially if it’s not your area of specialization. 

It takes a lot of work to succeed in the Local SEO space. You have to make a website that looks good, shows off your work, and explains what services you offer. Also, you have to do a lot of work off-page for your site to rank for relevant keywords. If that’s not enough, you should also make a few social channels for your business and post interesting content on them.

The good news is that your business doesn’t need anything fancy to stand out from the competition and get more work. Putting money into Google Ads is a quick way to get leads.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads are the text ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google’s search results pages.

How much does it cost for Google Ads?

Usually, you have to pay when someone clicks on one of your Google Ads. The cost-per-click (CPC) can be anywhere between $.01 and $10 or even more per click.

To learn more about how to use Google Ads to generate more home remodeling leads, visit our Google Ads for Home Remodeling | Tips to Target Local Leads blog post.

How can I get started?

You can set up your account by going to You’ll need to tell them about your business and give them a credit card so they can pay for your advertising.

Generate more home remodeling leads, book more consultations and close more sales.

The right marketing system can help you do all of the above. At Craftsmanship Marketing, we help home remodelers build a consistent lead flow and increase revenue with a wide variety of tools to make the job easier. 

In your marketing dashboard, you can keep track of the number of people who visit your website, book a consultation, call you, and ultimately work with you.

Find out the real return on investment of advertising campaigns for home remodeling by keeping track of how much money each source of advertising brought in and the total cost per lead.

By figuring out the return on investment for each marketing campaign, we help companies:

  • Figure out how much money each marketing campaign brings in.
  • Find out how well their staff turns leads into sales and consultations.
  • Put your marketing money for home remodeling in all the right places and in the right amounts.
  • Stop wasting money on digital marketing platforms and ads that don’t work.


Whether you spend money on SEO, Pay-Per-Click ads, social media, email marketing, or any other kind of advertising campaign, your home remodeling company can keep track of what’s working and what’s not. This way, you can decide on the best way to get more home remodeling leads based on accurate information.


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