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Social Media for Home Remodeling: 6 Tips to Get Started

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Social Media for Home Remodeling: 6 Tips to Get Started

The purpose of social media is to demonstrate your skills, your process, and whether your work is good enough for clients to book with you. It is a popular way for your home remodeling company and your clients to communicate. It is important to make sure your postings are relatable to your audience if you want to interact with them on social media. Showcasing your team, your passion, and your pride to the public can help humanize your brand.

Using social media to market your home remodeling business seems difficult for a long time, but now anyone can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. Social media has grown exponentially over the years and provides home remodeling business owners free access to a vast audience of potential clients. Not sure where to begin?

Here are 6 tips to get your home remodeling social media strategy started:

1. Choose Your Target Audience

Once you figure out your target audience, think about which platforms they’re using. If you own a home remodeling business, or if you are a contractor for home improvement projects, identify your target audience for best home remodeling marketing. Then you can best determine where and how to market your company and services to the ideal prospects. Do these homeowners spend most of their time on Facebook, Instagram, or Houzz as their favorite social media sites? While young adults often focus their time on Instagram, parents and older adults typically favor Facebook. Yet, many marketing experts report that Houzz is the top-rated site for converting.

2. Choose the platforms you will have a presence on

Let’s take a look at Instagram, Facebook, and Houzz:


How to create and optimize your Instagram profiles

Instagram offers a simplified, easy option for creating an effective business profile for your home remodeling company or contracting business. Just by downloading the app and following a few steps, you can input your basic business information and create your profile. You can then easily structure a business page to promote your enterprise and attract clients. Include your contact information along with quality photos and videos that are attractive and directly relevant to your company.

What should be shared on an Instagram bio for a home remodeling company?

​​Use your company name, logo and contact information on your profile. Include your bio and a direct statement about the purpose of your business and its benefits to clients. Also include an engaging CTA and business-related hashtags. Then add links to your web page and to your user page on other social media sites.

Advertising and lead generation on Instagram

Optimizing your bio: Instagram is an ideal social media site for optimizing your bio to grow and enhance your client base. Ensure that your business name, your services and your professional expertise are all well-presented on your Instagram bio. Make it easy for viewers to fully understand your brand, professional background and the major features of your business services. The images that you include should be high quality and provide good examples of your professional remodeling or contracting skills. Include effective keywords, and use your logo as your profile and business page picture.

Add action buttons: In the Contact Options menu on Instagram, you can select Action Buttons like “Book,” and “Learn More.” These action buttons prompt your page viewers to take action and engage your services or gain more information about your company.  

Use story links: Utilizing this Instagram’s story links is a fast and effective way to entice your followers to click onto your landing pages or website. When interested viewers see more evidence of the high quality work, they are much more likely to hire your services. When they read enthusiastic stories and testimonials from your well-satisfied clients, your audience will often contact you for a consultation. Story links are highly effective for home remodeling marketing.

Utilize story highlights: By using story highlights on your Instagram page, your followers can come back to your page to reference important details about your home remodeling company. These highlights can be produced and viewed with the aid of the small circles at the bottom of your account bio. This helpful option enables you to showcase your brand’s primary aspects and client options. You can give your highlights names like “Company Services,” “Project Timeline Features,” and “FAQs.” 

Promote by boosting posts: Once you determine which of your posts are showing good performance, you can boost their visibility and readership with ads and promotional efforts. Digital marketing of your posts is much easier once you are already gaining some noticeable viewer interest.


Different ways to interact on Instagram

The Instagram platform offers multiple ways to interact effectively on the site. 

Direct message: You can use direct messaging on Instagram to connect with members of your target audience for quality home remodeling services. These homeowners may be interested in hiring your home remodeling services as prospective new clients. 

Comments: You can comment on the Instagram posts of your target audience members, and in return, they can comment on your posts. This helps to build a sense of community and build trust within your target audience.

Instagram Stories: Your Instagram stories and the links that you add to them can do wonders to promote your business. They can boost the visibility and credibility of your company significantly. Posting to Instagram stories and using the engagement features it offers is a quick and easy way to interact with your followers.


How to create and optimize a company Facebook page

Before you create a business page on Facebook, you must be a personal user of this major social media site. After you complete your company page, you can then access both your personal and business profiles when you sign in. To create your business page, simply sign in and select the menu option “Create Page.” The Facebook platform then guides you through the steps to completing your company profile and creating a page that is specifically tailored to the home remodeling services you offer. If you set your company page as a local business, this will aid the platform in optimizing your content to appeal to a local target audience.

What should be shared on a business Facebook page for a home remodeling company?

Your home remodeling or contractor’s business page on Facebook should include certain essential items. Be sure to use your company logo as the profile photo on your business page, and structure your URL to reflect your company name. Include at least one primary keyword if possible. Choose a quality photo of a recent home renovating project that your company successfully completed. Include your address and phone number as well as the link to your company website. Additional helpful data to input includes a compelling CTA and page tabs that promote your business expertise and services. Remember to enable reviews on your company profile page as well. Host Facebook events, post testimonials, include branded graphics and include links to your other social networks.

Advertising and lead generation on Facebook

CTAs: Calls-to-action are basic essentials for promoting and increasing your business and generating quality leads. When you invite and encourage your Facebook business page visitors to examine your services and schedule a consultation, you are likely to get good results.

Setting up service pages: By creating engaging service pages for your business on Facebook, you inform prospective clients about your services. This can be very helpful for attracting interested page visitors who otherwise might continue browsing. Explain the main features of your home remodeling company’s services, and include high quality photos of your completed projects. Using the Add a Service tab in your left page menu, you can input informative content to detail and promote your business services. Whether your company focuses on bath and kitchen remodeling, general home improvements or room additions, these service pages are great home remodeling marketing tools.

Creating and moderating groups on Facebook: An excellent way to gain visibility and trust from your ideal clients is by forming and moderating one or more Facebook groups. When even slightly interested site users who are homeowners join your group, you increase exposure to the home remodeling services you provide. You may even gain returning, loyal clients. These groups are truly beneficial for increased lead generation.

Boosting posts on Facebook to increase reach: On your Facebook business page, you can boost your current posts with a single click. This is a great way to extend market reach to your target audience. It can also return lucrative results for your business marketing campaigns. By adding a target audience to your Facebook promos, or  increasing your budget, you can reach a vast range of potential leads.

Developing and implementing a Facebook ads strategy: It is important to strengthen and grow a profitable Facebook ads plan and strategy. Facebook is still in the early stage of its advertising development, and placing ads is relatively inexpensive. For this reason, by even a small increase in your advertising budget, you can gain optimal benefits from your ads. You can retarget your current clients on Facebook and use new leads ads to capture new customers. By joining more news feeds, you can also attract many new clients.



How to create and optimize your Houzz profile

Houzz recommends that you update your profile at the onset of each season. Your updated content should focus on the major updating interest of your clients and target audience for each season. For example, upload photos and include content describing outdoor kitchens and poolside dining areas in summer. For autumn and winter, focus on kitchen and bath remodeling, especially before major holidays. Spring is an ideal time to promote room additions and terrace, deck or patio makeovers. Answer your page visitors’ questions and respond to their comments. Be sure to request reviews from your clients that you’ve recently completed projects for.

What to share on Houzz 

Important information to share on Houzz include your logo and an image of one of your company’s recently completed projects as your cover photo. An informative, yet concise description of your brand and services should have a prominent place on your page. No less than five additional company-related images are also recommended for good quality home remodeling marketing. Be sure to include your contact data, client reviews, and links to your other social media profiles. Place a Houzz badge on your business site, and include all of the cities and regions where you have completed home remodeling projects. Important items and features to share on Houzz include:

Houzz Projects: Posting professional photographs and well-written content about your completed home remodeling projects is essential for displaying your level of industry expertise. Create your project titles and descriptions using quality keywords and phrases for enhanced SEO.

Houzz Ideabooks: In a manner much like pinning on Pinterest topic boards, you can create Houzz Ideabooks. By posting images of home remodeling projects that are related to your own company projects, you can generate interest in your business. This is especially helpful if you do not have photos of your recently finalized home renovating projects to post.

How to interact on Houzz (reviews, questions, messages)

Having ongoing postings of client reviews is an important element in the Houzz algorithm. Fortunately, the site sends frequent email requests to other site users requesting reviews of your business and services. You should always respond to the messages that you receive and answer user questions promptly. 

Advertising and lead generation (project SEO, Pro+ accounts, sponsored articles)

Although placing ads on Houzz can be costly, there are ways to use this social media site to generate leads free of charge. One method is effective project SEO. By posting a quality project description on Houzz and linking it to a landing page, you can capture greater target audience interest. Especially if you link to an ebook downloading page related to your own home remodeling projects, you can experience good lead generation for your company.

Houzz Pro+ accounts cost approximately $350 max each month depending on the plan you get. Yet, they can be very beneficial to your business since these accounts provide a Houzz rep who will assist with optimizing your profile. Your company can then be seen on the site’s home page as the third featured business. These accounts focus on a specific city instead of a given geographical area or zip code.

Houzz writers will also create an article featuring one of your completed home remodeling projects. This article will then appear in the Houzz blog Stories section. It can also be included in the site’s newsletter if you agree to a price upwards of $2K.

3. Make sure you have a consistent social media handle across all social media apps

To ensure heights of business success, you need a social media handle that remains consistent on all social media platforms. The handle (name) that you choose must be available for use on all social media networks. On Facebook, at, you can also claim a “Vanity URL” that is easier to share and for other site users to recognize and recall than a long, complex URL. With a consistent handle, your business will be much more accessible to your clients and your potential new prospects. A strong, consistent handle can create top-tier home remodeling marketing.

Having a single handle across all social media apps and networks will help with having brand consistency. More social media users will become familiar with your handle and take interest in your home remodeling services across all platforms. 

4. Create a strategy & schedule content

Building a successful social media marketing strategy is the key. Without posting valuable content, you cannot connect with your followers.  Updating your accounts with interesting information will help you foster relationships with your audience. Giving your followers the impression that you care about them and are interested in them will increase their likelihood of sticking around and continuing to engage. 

Repurpose content: Repurposing content that represents your company, brand and services accurately and efficiently can boost your company’s visibility and generate new leads. It also saves time in the content creation process. For example, you can repurpose single images into a video, or use testimonials as feed posts for Instagram or Facebook. 

Create new content: Producing engaging new content for your social media postings is also an excellent way to attract new clients while maintaining your current client base. Social media site users are always interested in fresh new ideas and styles of business content. 

Create a monthly posting schedule: Social media is time consuming and can be a lot of work. Save yourself from feeling overwhelmed and schedule your posts ahead of time. Scheduling your content on a monthly or even weekly basis checks one more thing off your to-do list. If you plan on scheduling posts on a monthly basis, take a day to dedicate 3-4 hours to sit down, create captions, and schedule out your content for the next month. Scheduling apps like Later and Hootsuite are highly recommended among social media managers and are huge time savers with the auto-post feature. 

5. Share a well-balanced mix of content

You need to have a reasonable balance of self-promotion, testimonials, and unique original content on every social network. Include posts that are off-topic but entertaining to your viewers. Direct links to your website, behind-the-scenes content, and company-related news are all examples of self-promotion. You can highlight testimonials from a Yelp page, an email, a blog post, or an article promoting your home remodeling services. Off-topic content can include humorous images of your team at work, holiday greetings, quotes, and sharing fascinating and pertinent content from other sources. This off-topic mix can help give your social media channels personality without giving off the “me, me, me” vibe some businesses do when they exclusively post about themselves.

Instagram post ideas for home remodelers

Sharing polls, discussing company myths and sharing business memes are all good post ideas for home remodeling businesses and contractors on Instagram. 

Instagram reel ideas for home remodelers

Reel ideas for owners of home remodeling companies and contractors include before-and-after remodeling projects and offering tips and tricks for home remodeling. 


6. Engage with your followers and audience daily

Every industry has a particular online presence.  When you participate in the game and approach social media as a two-way discussion, your followers will embrace you with open arms. Along the way, you’ll develop trustworthy relationships and gain loyal followers. Study any data that the social networks supply you with on a regular basis to better understand your community and audience and to ensure that what you’re doing is effective.

More and more businesses are promoting their goods and services on social media… and it works! Social media is everywhere and is widely used. Because social media is here to stay and can help you build your home remodeling business, you should take advantage of it as much as you can. Social media is the digital way to do what your home remodeling company has always done – spread brand awareness.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the home remodeling business for years, there is one thing you should know about social media: You can start small, but you need to start right away. Social media can be a daunting task to take on, but it is an important reality for any business (new or old). It will improve your Google search rankings, offer your company a voice, and make it easy for your customers to strike up a conversation.


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