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Google Ads Home Remodeling | Target Local Leads

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Google Ads Home Remodeling | Target Local Leads

The home remodeling industry’s most popular paid digital marketing channel is Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. Most of the home remodeling contractors we work with leave room in their advertising budget for Google Ads. This holds true regardless of whether they are managing their own marketing, using an internal team, or hiring an agency to do it.

The explanation is simple: Google Ads are effective at luring in new home remodeling clients.

But in order to get the most of Google Ads, it’s crucial to comprehend the distinctions between three fundamental categories:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Local Service Ads


Local Service Ads are different from Google search ads and Google display ads in that you only pay when you get a lead, rather than paying per click.  As a result, Local Service Ads offer a fantastic tool for ensuring that you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Without the assistance of a digital marketing team like Craftsmanship Marketing, the process of administering to your Local Service Ads can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. 

Home remodeling companies may end up spending too much time and money on administrative tasks and leads that never turn into profitable projects. Additionally, it may prevent home remodelers from taking use of all of their available options.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What exactly Local Services Ads are how you can benefit from them
  • Search Ads vs Display Ads and when to use them

Local Service Ads

What are local service ads?

LSAs are a category of Google ads intended primarily for companies who offer home services and home remodeling projects. You have the option of paying per lead rather than per click in this paid acquisition approach. Usually, when someone searches for words associated with home services, these LSAs are triggered (ie: home remodeling, bathroom remodel near me, etc.) Up to three Local Service Ads can be displayed on desktop, two on mobile, and one via the Google Assistant. These Local Service Ads appear in rectangular boxes at the top of search engine results pages.

Search terms are a vital part of any business ad, so the right ones go a long way to determine the success of your home remodeling advertising campaign. Some examples of search terms that trigger local leads for the home remodeling industry include “home improvement contractors”, “bathroom remodeling near me”, or “kitchen remodeling contractors.”

This keyword list is not exhaustive, but these are the types of search terms that target home remodeling local service ads to populate. If someone clicks on the “more general contractors” option, interested prospects can pull up a list of home remodeling contractors in the area. Once you craft your keywords and place them in the content on your website, Google will begin to associate these words with your business. As more people search for these terms on the Google search engine, they will find you.

There are many factors that affect the success of your local service ad. Some of these include:

Your review score and number of reviews received

Google has a way of assessing the credibility of your business’s reviews, so you have to ensure that your review score is high. According to several factors, Google will evaluate your reviews and give them a scale from one to five stars. The average number of stars should be 4.5 stars out of 5 if possible because most people search for five-star service and expect it to be of excellent quality when they find it.

Your geographic proximity to potential clients’ location

Google will also rank your business higher if the potential clients for your local service ad are physically closer to you than other service providers in the area. If you live in a remote location or sparsely populated neighborhood, it can be hard to gain local leads, so you should try to boost your geographic proximity by moving to a more popular location. This will give you more search traffic and, in turn, raise your local service ad ranking.

Your response time to customer inquiries and requests

Google will give your local service ad a higher ranking if you have a fast response time for customer inquiries and requests. If you do not have the time to review and respond to all of the customer inquiries, it can decrease your local service ad scores. Be sure to designate someone on your team to answer and respond to calls and messages. 

You should also make sure to provide excellent customer service. If a customer is dissatisfied with your services, you should respond to their complaint within 24 hours and make sure that the issue is resolved correctly.

Your hours of operation and availability

Google will rank you higher for your local service ads if you have a longer operating time and are available for potential clients during their working hours. This will assure your potential clients that you, as a business, are always open for work.

Your online reputation

Like other search engines, Google will also rank your local service ad higher if the business has an excellent online reputation. An outstanding reputation with Google will give your business a lot more credibility and make it easier for potential clients to refer you to others so that you can build up your business even faster. Suppose there are negative reviews of your business posted anywhere on the internet. In that case, it could be detrimental to its credibility and make Google direct potential clients away from your services. You need to remove any negative reviews if they are posted elsewhere on the internet and add positive ones instead.

Your ability to manage PR

If you want to gain a lot of local leads with local service ads, your PR management should be excellent. You can put out press releases about your business and link to your services. If you do an excellent job managing PR, Google will direct potential clients to you in more ways and put you at the top of its local service ad listing for inquiring clients.

You have to be tactical about how much you pay for leads. The main goal of managing home remodeling marketing is to get more local leads and increase sales as much as possible. You should create a reliable website that’s optimized for your services so potential clients can easily find you when they type in keywords that pertain to your company. Create an excellent online reputation for your business and do good PR management to make sure that Google highlights your local service ad over others in its rankings.

Only pay for leads that count

With Google Search and Display ads, you pay for clicks — the uncertain likelihood that a potential client might give you a call after visiting your site. Unlike Google search and display ads, with local service ads, you pay only for home remodeling leads, qualified prospects who actually call or message you. If you get a call from an unqualified lead, you have the option to dispute the call so you don’t get charged. Google will review the call and determine the quality of the lead before disputing it.

Google Display Ads and Search Ads

Google Display Ads and Search Ads

As mentioned previously, unlike local service ads where you pay per lead, you pay per click with Google Search and Display ads. These methods of advertising are still commonly used and pertinent for marketing in the home remodeling sector, nevertheless.

In this section, we’ll go over the fundamentals of using both.

Google Display Ads for Home Remodelers

The banner ads that surround websites on the internet are known as Google Display Ads. They are the advertisements that introduce you to companies with a range of goods or services that might be related to your search.

Brand marketing is the main use case for Google Display Ads. This indicates that its primary purpose is to increase prospects’ awareness of your business. One major benefit of display ads is that you may get a lot of impressions and brand recognition without having to pay for it because you only pay for your display ads when someone clicks and visits your website.

The important variables and factors to be aware of while employing display ads are as follows:

Responsive Display

Responsive display ads are the most prominent in today’s ads because they work well on multiple devices. They can be viewed on phones, laptops, or desktops. As long as there is a display ad, it will appear and can be seen by Google searchers at all times.

Image/GIF Ads

Google will allow you to have an image or GIF as part of your display ad so potential clients can see what they are looking at before clicking on it. The image or GIF can be part of your display ad and will grab the attention of inquiring clients when they scan their ads.

Display Text Ads

Display text ads can be single or multiple text ads as long as they are relevant to your business. They should be based on the keywords you wish to target and should contain a relevant message or call to action for potential clients who are looking for your particular services.

Google Search Ads for Home Remodelers

The text advertisements you see at the top and bottom of search engine results pages are known as Google Search Ads (SERPs).

Search ads, as opposed to Display ads, are thought of as a type of direct marketing, where the goal is to get viewers to take a specific action.

Due to the fact that Search Ads are frequently linked to certain keyword searches that show a desire to make a purchase, they have a larger conversion potential than Display Ads. These are your next-best alternative for generating leads, even if they can’t yet compete with Google Local Services Ads in terms of revenue.

The following are the essential components of Search Ads:

Account Structure


Campaigns are the central core of the account structure. The account structure is built around campaigns that allow you to target your potential clients effectively. This will help you reach the potential clients you want to target. You can create multiple campaigns, but they should be based on the same core strategy.

Ad Groups

An ad group is what you use to organize your ads together, usually having similar keywords. You can have multiple ad groups within a campaign for more control over your ads with different parameters for each ad group. This allows you to track which ad groups are performing well and which ones need more attention.


An ad is an important unit of search advertising. Ads are what potential clients click on when looking for your business or services. You can have multiple ads for each ad group with different parameters for each one and evaluate them individually to see which one is performing best with the most conversions.


You need to consider keywords as the most important part of your Search Ads because this is what potential clients will type in when looking for services that you provide. The keywords need to be relevant to your business and your services. When writing your ad text, you should include keywords that potential clients would type in a while searching for your services.



Bid Strategy

A bid strategy is an essential part of Search Ads. It is the amount that you are willing to spend for each click. You can change the bid strategy from time to time and create a new one that is more effective for your business. There are several bid strategies, including:

CPC (cost per click)

CPC is the amount of money that you are willing to spend per click. You can change the parameters and bids for each one based on a number of factors. This will help you increase your ads’ conversions and total income, which is very important for your business.

CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions)

This is one of the most popular bid strategies used by marketers today. It is based on the number of times that an ad is shown, not just on how many clicks it gets. So a CPM bid strategy will not pay much for clicks but more for the 1,000 times that an ad is shown.

Maximize conversions

This is another bid strategy that tries to maximize conversions. The performance will be based on how many conversions you get rather than clicks or impressions. So this is another way of increasing the performance of your ads while still spending reasonable amounts of money on each click.

Cost per conversation:

This bid strategy will pay you based on the number of conversations or engagements you get, which can mean the number of posts or links that they send to your site or social media account, as well as calls, emails, or chat messages.

Landing page design

Landing pages are the pages where potential clients will go if they click on your display ad. These should be targeted to the keywords they clicked on and should contain the message they are looking for. You can have multiple landing pages for each one of your ads in each ad group so that it is easier to evaluate which one is more effective in generating conversions and leads. A landing page design should contain

Relevant copy

You should write your landing page copy to be relevant to the ad they clicked on. It should contain the message they are looking for and will help to convert them into leads. The title of your landing page and the call-to-action button should be bold and prominent so that it is able to grab their attention immediately and draw them into clicking on your ad.


Visuals are very important because they help attract potential clients who want to see what you offer. You can include images or videos as part of your landing page design. The images or videos should be rated appropriately and could be used across multiple ads. They should also include information about the services you provide to potential clients to make an informed decision about your business.


You will want to include a form as part of your landing page design so that potential clients can fill it out and you can convert them into leads. The form should be prominent, targeted to their search terms, and include the relevant information for them to enter. It is also a good idea to make the form easy for them to complete by providing labels for each field and clear instructions about what information you need. You could also provide an area where they can upload files or attach documents that are necessary for the process, such as references or credit reports.

Contact information

You should include contact details on your landing page so potential clients can easily get in touch if they have any questions or want to learn more about your business. You could also provide links to social media accounts so that they are able to stay up-to-date with any new developments.


You should clearly state what action the potential client needs to take so that they are not confused or unsure of what they need to do next. The call-to-action could be written in a prominent position on your landing page so that it is able to attract their attention despite all other copy and visual information on your page. The call-to-action button should also be clear and direct so that it will guide them towards taking this action.

Negative Keywords

A negative keyword can help you to ensure that your ad is not shown for services or products that might not be relevant to their needs. They are also used when you have too many keywords, as you can exclude some of them in order to make the relevance more accurate. The different types of negative keywords are:

Broad match

A broad match is when your negative keyword will not just exclude the words but other words that have a similar meaning to what you have specified. If you are using a broad match negative keyword for an ad for services, then it would exclude any searches that use the words “get” and “make,” as these could also apply to your keyword. However, this can also mean that the ad will be shown for searches that do not contain these words, so you should be careful and evaluate the performance of your ad after a few weeks.

Phrase match

A phrase that matches a negative keyword will only exclude ads from being displayed if the search term uses the exact same words that you have. This can help to ensure that your ad is not shown for too many searches that do not relate to your business. However, it does mean that more ads are shown for your actual business, but with a higher ad spending.

Exact match

This will exclude ads from being displayed if the search term contains some of the words you have specified but not all of them. This can be useful if you want to exclude searches that include your keywords but also use other words. However, the ads will be shown for your actual business but at a lower ad spend.

Once you have used negative keywords in your account, the performance of these bids will then come under more scrutiny and should be evaluated carefully. It could also mean you have to include an alternative negative keyword for each keyword to exclude them from being displayed on your ads.


Optimization is the process of adjusting your advertising to improve its performance. You can use this in order to minimize the cost of your ads. You can optimize your advertisement through:

  • Adjust your bids to maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Managing the conversion tracking process and reviews.
  • Adjusting the targeting of your ads.
  • Adjusting the copy of your ads.
  • Adjusting your landing page.


Optimization is a never-ending process and involves evaluation, planning, and trial-and-error. It is not something you should be doing on a whim, and you should always evaluate your results before making any changes. It is also a good idea to create rules for how far down the page your ad will be promoted before it cuts off in order to keep the audience focused on your business.

Home remodeling companies have a plentiful opportunities thanks to Google Local Services Ads. They enable local businesses to pay for leads rather than clicks while also creating a funnel for clients who are prepared to spend and have a clear idea of what they want. These characteristics work together to create a tool that is both affordable and laser-focused.

However, for the majority of home remodeling businesses, Google Local Services Ads, like other marketing avenues, will only be a small part of a larger marketing plan.

It’s just as crucial to adhere to best practices for platforms like Google Search and Display advertisements if you want to get the most of your marketing money.

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