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Names for Construction Companies | 100 Suggestions

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Names for Construction Companies | 100 Suggestions

The name of your construction company must be chosen carefully. The top 100 construction name suggestions that we came up with are included here.

First thing’s first… how do you choose a name that suits your construction company?

There is nobody like you. Therefore, what might be the most ideal name for your team and your construction company may not yet be chosen.

What is the ideal name for a construction company that would attract the right clients, stick in their minds, and push them to do business with you? (assuming you have many 5-star reviews and a great reputation with existing customers)

4 reasons it’s important to choose a strong construction company name

  1. Your business name is the foundation of your brand

Your brand is a snapshot of who your company is and the demographic it is targeting. Your business name should reflect this since it is the first contact many people will have with your brand. First impressions are everything, so make sure that your brand name instantly presents your brand to your demographic in a way that will make it clear who you are and what you’re all about.

Taking this into consideration, all of your marketing materials will be using your company name one way or another. This means that your business name will be a core part of your marketing efforts and that choosing the wrong name can actually undermine the core marketing message that you’re trying to get across to your demographic.

Choosing the wrong construction company names can also lead to a deluge of unqualified leads for you to deal with. This can be a waste of time when they contact you via phone or email and can lead to wasteful spending as well. On the other hand, having a name that instantly connects with the people you want to do business with will ensure that you’re focusing your efforts on people that can easily be converted into paying customers. This is a big time and money saver both in the short term and long run.

Your brand is the foundation of your business so this is something to take seriously regardless if you’re thinking about it or not. If you need to hire someone to help you, don’t hesitate as this can affect the core of your business. Your business name is something that can’t easily be changed so make sure that you get it right the first time by any means necessary. If you don’t, you will regret it later and the problems that come from having the wrong business name can’t be easily fixed regardless of how you may try. Don’t neglect the importance of this in the greater scheme of your marketing tactics.

2. Your business name helps you to differentiate your brand from your competitors

The worst thing that could happen is for a potential customer to hear about your company name and then several days later end up contacting a competitor by mistake because your name was too close to theirs. Avoiding this problem is as easy as coming up with a unique name that is impossible to mistake for a competitor. This also includes your logo and your website URL as well. In fact, this should be taken into account across all methods of contacting your company from social media to business directory listings.

It is also important to consider the fact that having a construction company name that is too close to your competition can lead to legal trouble as well. This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a name for any business. You want to make sure that your name isn’t going to provoke a lawsuit with your competitors one way or another.

To help with this issue, it can be a good idea to hire a business lawyer that can advise you on the legality of the name you’re going to choose. It’s better to play it safe than sorry in these situations since one slip-up can lead to a legal battle which can drain your company of its resources. In today’s hyper-legalized world, all it takes is a minor mistake to land you in court and you don’t want that.

This is something to keep in mind when using a business name generator. These generations typically aren’t programmed to avoid the names of existing companies. This means that even if you find a handful of names that you like using a business name generator, you’re going to want to double-check to make sure that no one else is using it. As you can imagine picking a name that is already trademarked or copyrighted will be trouble down the road.

3. Your business name and its impactfulness will help you increase sales

Your business name is an important part of your marketing. It can instantly identify what demographic you’re trying to connect with and even convey essential benefits of your products and/or services in an instant. Furthermore, having a business name that appeals to your target audience can help increase brand loyalty which will help to generate repeat sales and encourage your customers to spread the word about your business to their friends, family, and coworkers.

Another thing to consider when it comes to construction contractor marketing is the fact that you’ll need to have a big presence online. This means both social media and your webpage in most cases. The reason this is important is that you need to make it easy for potential customers to find you when marketing online regardless of the platform you’re using. From Google My Business to Facebook, to online business directories, you need to have a business name that isn’t confusing and will help funnel people to your website where you can focus on converting them into paying customers.

The #1 rule, in this case, is to have a business name that instantly tells people that you are a construction company. For the most part, this is an easy task, but you don’t have to necessarily put the word “construction” or “build” in your business name to get the idea across. Either way, make sure that you choose a name that even the simplest of people will quickly be able to identify as the name of a construction company. This way people looking for your services won’t accidentally skip over your listings online because they got confused and thought that your business was in a different industry.

You also have to consider the psychological impact that your business name has. Is it a name that people want to associate with? Or is it something that’s kind of embarrassing for them? Remember, when it comes to branding you want people to feel comfortable being a part of your brand and sharing in your brand image. For this reason, your business name should reflect your brand image and be something that people will want to associate with and share with the people they know. 

4. Your business name makes it easier to attract qualified customers

Speaking of which, attracting people who fall outside of your demographic or simply don’t have the ability to do business with you for one reason or another is a waste of your marketing budget. Having a business name that instantly helps to qualify potential customers will not only help you to spend your budget more wisely but also save on CPA (cost per acquisition) as well. This makes it easier to get leads that convert faster and with less hassle.

The simple truth of the matter is that qualified leads are more profitable. This being the case, having a business name that naturally helps to qualify your leads will make your company more profitable. It’s just simple logic no matter how you look at it and ignoring this fact can lead to lower profit margins and less revenue generation.

Think of it this way, each lead you attract costs a certain amount as mentioned before. This amount adds up depending on the number of leads you attract but is offset when you make conversions. If the conversions don’t offset this cost, then you’re going to end up in the red very quickly because you’ll be losing money.

Yes, there is quite a bit of math involved here, and calculating the exact value of your business name can be difficult. However, if your business name is working in your favor, you’ll know because you’ll be making faster and easier conversions and your CPA will be a lot lower. While there are many factors that come into play here, don’t underestimate just how important your business name is when it comes to attracting qualified customers and maximizing your profits in the process.

When brainstorming a name, consider the following

  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it roll off the tongue?
  • Can you turn it into a logo?
  • Does it effectively express your company values?
  • Can you secure the matching URL?
  • Is it common, too simple, or forgettable?
  • Does it include your category of services in the name?
  • Is your site ranking on the first page of Google?

Names are significant because they are either very memorable and stick in people’s minds, or they are forgettable and never cross a potential client’s mind again. You can have a successful business without having a brilliant mind, but having a catchy and concise name makes things move more smoothly.

To focus your search, consider these 5 questions:

  1. What are we experts at doing better than anyone else in the construction industry?
  2. What aspects of our services do clients rave about?
  3. How can your unique value proposition be represented by a logo? (Jot down 20 symbols that emanate the qualities you listed)
  4. Start by thinking of 5–10 names based on those symbols; which ones are unforgettable, easy to say, and don’t need an explanation?
  5. Which of these feels different from your competitors, yet straightforward and timeless?

Don’t rush the process; talk to your most intelligent friends and consider trying out a few logos before deciding on a definitive name.

100 Construction Company Name Ideas

  1. The Big Building Company
  2. [Your City Name] Builders
  3. Construction 4 U
  4. Construction Now
  5. King Construction Company
  6. Leader Construction
  7. Superior Builders
  8. [Your City Name] Construction
  9. Qualified Builders
  10. Greenstar Construction
  11. Panacea Construction
  12. Immortal Builders
  13. Bluewater Builders
  14. Construction Unlimited
  15. The Retro Builders
  16. Sweet Home Construction
  17. Acclaim Construction
  18. Build Right
  19. Boomer Building
  20. Jack & Hammer Construction
  21. Boss Builders
  22. Build Local
  23. Econo Build
  24. Rapid Walls
  25. [Your City Name] Pro Build
  26. Classy Constructors
  27. Constructive Designs
  28. Backdrop Building
  29. QuickBrix
  30. Build Big
  31. Housemax
  32. Projectora
  33. Contractorio
  34. Housing 101
  35. Construct-A-Home
  36. Renovix
  37. Constructopia
  38. Praise Construction
  39. Fortress Builders
  40. Cornerstone Construction
  41. Empower Construction Company
  42. Go-Structure
  43. Legacy Construction
  44. Real Build
  45. Build Unlimited
  46. Build Best
  47. Projeda
  48. Build Pro
  49. [Your City Name] Housing
  50. Para Build
  51. Refined Construction
  52. Omni Build
  53. Grand Builders
  54. Speedy Builders
  55. ACE Construction
  56. Build Fix
  57. Construct Now
  58. Constructify
  59. Able Construction
  60. Key Builders
  61. Enterprise Construction
  62. New Gate Construction
  63. Right Path Construction
  64. Right Way Construction
  65. Honest Builders
  66. Zip Construction
  67. Touchstone Builders
  68. Allied Builders
  69. Titan Construction
  70. Building Deluxe
  71. Deluxe Construction Company
  72. Accent Construction
  73. Acclaimed Construction
  74. Building [Your Country Name]
  75. Rapid Restore Construction Company
  76. Blink Builders
  77. Kindle Construction
  78. Hotspot Construction
  79. Stonewall Construction
  80. Paleo Construction
  81. Surefire Construction
  82. Build Real
  83. Builderio Construction Company
  84. Construction-4-Less
  85. Prime Builders
  86. Leap Builders
  87. Brillian Builders
  88. Orchard Construction
  89. Construction Raven
  90. First Rate Construction
  91. Enviro Construction
  92. Green World Construction
  93. Construction Depot
  94. Progress Builders
  95. Construction Galaxy
  96. New World Construction
  97. Low-Cost Builders
  98. Build All
  99. Olympia Construction
  100. Buildercast

Popular business name generators

  1. Shopify-
  2. Business Name Generator-
  3. Looka-
  4. Namelix-
  5. Wix- 

FAQS on choosing the right name for your construction business

How do I come up with an impactful company name?

Create a memorable name for your company; in the end, you’ll want a strong, yet subtle, professional logo. This is why many individuals find it simple to begin with a symbol. Take Evergreen Contractors, for example. You immediately come up with an evergreen tree as a signifier, and a symbol is simple to remember and increases people’s ability to remember your name.

In an industry where many names have already been taken, the goal is to discover a blend of the ordinary, so it’s easy to remember, and a modifier — so people can find you. 

How do contractors increase the number of leads coming in?

Start with your existing network and let them know you’re on social media. Then seek  individual requests for referrals from your connections, family, and friends.  Once you’ve come up with a catchy name and logo, consider building a website. Then, to broaden your network, connect with other experts like realtors and mortgage brokers.

Create an account on Next Door, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and Angie’s List, as well as any other sites that are beneficial for construction companies. After that, focus  on search engine optimization. Enhance your website with on page SEP and incorporate paid Google and Facebook ads into your marketing budget. Ideally, you should also include trade shows, yard signs, truck wraps, events, giveaways like t-shirts, and video marketing.

When your business reaches a certain scale, working with a seasoned web design + SEO firm like Craftsmanship Marketing may be beneficial. Send us an email at to arrange a free consultation.

Make sure to submit your website to construction directories as soon as you have a name and are operating!

We hope this list helped to kickstart your construction name picking process, if only to get your creative juices going. A strong name is the beginning of a good brand, and a good brand is the beginning of a successful website –  and we enjoy assisting clients in recognizing how branding, website design, and traffic work together to increase the number of leads your construction company brings in.

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