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Home Improvement Leads: 4 Proven Tactics for 2024

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Home Improvement Leads: 4 Proven Tactics for 2024

Getting leads is the key to having a steady stream of home improvement jobs. Your business won’t grow if you don’t have leads. In fact, without a strong source of consistent leads, your business likely won’t survive in the 2022-2023 economic season.

Leads are the lifeline of your business. Each lead is a chance to convert revenue. And there are lots of ways to make chances happen. There are many good ways to get people interested in remodeling, such as through referrals, reviews, advertising, and social media.

Moreover, investing in a robust lead generation strategy is essential for sustaining business growth and competitiveness. Embracing digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and email campaigns can significantly expand your reach and attract qualified leads to your business. Leveraging technology and automation tools further streamlines lead generation processes, allowing you to scale your efforts efficiently and maximize conversion opportunities. By diversifying your lead generation channels and optimizing your marketing tactics, you can ensure a consistent influx of leads and position your business for long-term success in the home improvement industry.

Now is the time to grow your market share as the spending on house improvement is growing at twice the rate of other retail categories in the US. The burgeoning demand for home improvement projects presents a ripe opportunity for remodelers to expand their businesses and capitalize on this upward trend.

If you want to get more leads for home improvement projects, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ways for home remodelers to find work. We’ll also talk about why some contractors have a hard time getting new clients. And we’ll tell you how to get past these common problems.

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One important part of running a remodeling or home improvement business is consistently generating more work. Whether you use online promotion, print advertising, or even word-of-mouth marketing, what you’re really doing is generating leads.

In the end, the best way to get leads is the way that works for you.

Here are four tried-and-true ways to get more home improvement projects. None of the plans are really “free.” Some have fees. Some take time. Some need both. You’ll need to be ready to commit to the process if you want to get leads and close those leads. Your competitors are competing for the same leads.

1. Rank Organically on Google with SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to go for local home improvement leads. Local SEO improves your business visibility in Google’s local search engine results. Showing up on the local map is the best way to get more home improvement leads.

Try the following five tips to improve your local SEO strategy:

1. Setup your Google Business

Google Business is a free online tool that helps promote local businesses. The tool allows you to manage how your business appears online in Google search results.

Your profile may already exist if you’ve been in business for a while. If that’s the case, immediately claim your listing. An unclaimed business can have its information changed by users – and you don’t want that. Your business profile should contain accurate information.

2. Optimize your Google Business profile

An optimized profile improves your visibility in local search results. Include information such as your business address, business hours, business category, and customer reviews. Provide detailed and accurate information about your business. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to appear in local searches.

Make sure potential leads know what your business does. Tell them your location, how they can contact your business, and what you have to offer. It also helps to add relevant keywords and phrases to your business profile.

3. Get more reviews on Google

Potential home improvement leads want to know what former clients think about your business. In fact, what former clients say carries more weight than what you say. Never underestimate the power of a business review.

Start by providing a Google review link shortcut on your website. That’s the first place most clients will look when they want to review your business. Make a clear call to action that’s easy to find and access.

4. Get listed on local directories 

Local business directories list businesses within a specific region or city. Your business name, social media information, email address, contact information, and more can appear in a directory. Local business directories can attract potential leads. Your listing also helps with backlinks, increases traffic to your site, and gives you more online visibility.

5. Optimize your website for SEO

Optimizing your website for local SEO makes it easier to attract home improvement leads. Your homepage should clearly state what you do, mention your location, tell who you are, and include your contact information. Also, add this information to your website description, page title tag, the header tag, and meta description.

In this case, you’re optimizing your website for a specific location. That means your title tag should include the name of your target location. Include the service that you offer, as well. Search engines and potential leads will know where to find you and understand what you do.

2. Increase Visibility and Attract More Leads with Google Ads

Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is an essential tool for online advertising, offering numerous advantages for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and attract more customers. Here are four compelling reasons to consider incorporating Google Ads into your marketing strategy:

1. Enhanced Visibility and Reach:

With Google Ads, your business has the opportunity to appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for relevant keywords related to your products or services. Considering that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local businesses and information, leveraging Google Ads ensures maximum visibility to potential customers actively seeking what you offer. This level of exposure far surpasses the visibility obtained solely through organic search results or having a website.

2. Accelerated Keyword Ranking:

Unlike traditional search engine optimization (SEO), which often requires time and ongoing efforts to improve keyword rankings, Google Ads provides a quicker route to achieving top positions for targeted keywords. By bidding on specific keywords relevant to your business, you can immediately position your ads above organic search results, ensuring prominent visibility to potential customers.

3. Precise Geo-Targeting Capabilities:

Google Ads offers advanced geo-targeting features that enable businesses to tailor their ad campaigns to specific geographic locations. This means you can display your ads only to users in selected regions, ensuring your marketing messages reach the most relevant audience. By incorporating location-based content into your ads, such as mentioning nearby landmarks or specifying local service areas, you can further personalize your messaging to resonate with local customers.

4. Targeting Purchase Intent Keywords:

Understanding the intent behind users’ search queries is crucial for optimizing your Google Ads campaigns effectively. By targeting purchase intent keywords—search terms indicating that users are actively seeking to make a purchase—you can capture the attention of highly motivated prospects ready to convert. Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant purchase intent keywords related to your products or services, and incorporate them strategically into your ad copy to attract qualified leads and drive conversions.

Incorporating Google Ads into your marketing strategy empowers your business to achieve greater visibility, attract highly targeted leads, and accelerate your online growth. With its versatile features and precise targeting capabilities, Google Ads offers a cost-effective way to reach your target audience and drive measurable results for your business.

3. High ROI Marketing with Houzz

Expanding your online presence to include platforms like Houzz can significantly benefit your home improvement business, tapping into a vast pool of potential clients and boosting your brand’s visibility and credibility within the industry. Here’s why you should seriously consider leveraging the power of Houzz:

1. Highest ROI Among Social Media Platforms:
Houzz consistently delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) for home improvement contractors compared to other social media platforms. By actively engaging with the Houzz community, you’re more likely to cultivate meaningful leads that translate into tangible business opportunities.

2. Massive User Base:
With over 40 million monthly unique users on Houzz, the platform presents an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a diverse audience actively seeking home improvement solutions. These users have already demonstrated their interest in renovation projects, making them prime targets for your services.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing:
Signing up for a basic Houzz account is completely free, offering access to essential features such as listing your business in the Find Professionals directory and utilizing various business tools provided by the platform. Additionally, upgrading to a paid account unlocks even more functionalities and benefits, making it a worthwhile investment for expanding your reach and driving business growth.

4. Showcase Your Work:
Optimizing your Houzz profile with captivating videos and high-quality photos of your past projects allows potential leads to visualize the quality and craftsmanship of your work. By providing compelling visuals that showcase your expertise and attention to detail, you can effectively capture the interest of prospective clients and increase the likelihood of converting leads into loyal customers.

Incorporating Houzz into your marketing strategy offers a cost-effective way to engage with a highly targeted audience, establish your authority in the home improvement market, and ultimately drive business success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage this powerful platform to elevate your brand and expand your client base in the competitive home improvement industry.

4. Reach More Customers with a Direct Mailer

Direct mail marketing, though often overshadowed by digital channels, remains a potent tool for reaching untapped demographics and capturing market share. Amidst the digital frenzy, a strategic shift towards direct mail can offer a competitive advantage. Here’s how to maximize its effectiveness:

1. Craft a Compelling Message:
Ensure your direct mail communicates the value proposition clearly and resonates with recipients’ needs. Address their pain points and offer solutions succinctly to capture their attention and interest.

2. Utilize Impactful Visuals:
Visual elements play a crucial role in conveying your message effectively. Incorporate engaging graphics that evoke emotions and reinforce your brand’s identity to leave a lasting impression on recipients.

3. Implement a Clear Call to Action (CTA):
Guide recipients on the desired action by providing a clear and concise CTA. Whether it’s directing them to visit your website, call for more information, or sign up for exclusive offers, make the next steps unmistakably clear.

4. Employ Tracking Mechanisms:
Utilize dedicated landing pages, QR codes, or trackable phone numbers to monitor the performance of your direct mail campaigns. By tracking responses and engagement, you can gauge effectiveness and make informed decisions for optimization.

5. Analyze and Optimize:
Regularly analyze the data gathered from tracking mechanisms to identify areas for improvement. Adjust your strategies based on insights gained to enhance the overall performance of your direct mail campaigns.

Incorporating these tactics into your direct mail strategy can significantly enhance its impact and effectiveness, enabling you to reach a broader audience and drive tangible results for your home improvement business. Don’t overlook the power of traditional marketing methods amidst the digital landscape—direct mail remains a valuable asset in your marketing arsenal.

An Integrated Marketing Strategy

An integrated marketing strategy amplifies your brand’s impact by leveraging multiple channels to engage prospects effectively. With an average of 8 touchpoints required to secure a conversion, integration is essential for contractors seeking optimal results from their marketing efforts. By employing various channels such as direct mail alongside digital platforms, you can expand your brand’s reach and ensure consistent touchpoints with potential leads, increasing the likelihood of conversions. Direct mail, when integrated seamlessly into your strategy, emerges as a potent tool for reaching customers and achieving your marketing objectives. Its tangible nature and targeted approach complement digital initiatives, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness and driving meaningful results for your business.

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