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Bathroom Remodeling Leads | 4 Guaranteed Tactics

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Bathroom Remodeling Leads | 4 Guaranteed Tactics

Lead generation is the driving force of any successful remodeling company, yet achieving it is a complex endeavor. It’s not just about boosting numbers; it’s about securing quality leads – those individuals and companies genuinely interested in projects with high ROI potential.

While kitchen renovations often yield the highest profits, the demand for bathroom remodels is typically higher. Moreover, bathroom projects often serve as gateways to larger-scale endeavors. By exceeding expectations with a flawless bathroom remodel, you pave the way for future projects throughout the home.

Mastering effective lead generation techniques specifically tailored to bathroom remodeling projects can solidify your position as a local market leader.

The year 2021 witnessed a significant shift in homeowners’ priorities, with many opting to invest in their residences. Some chose to allocate funds previously earmarked for dining out and travel toward home improvements, while others sought more spacious accommodations.

Data from HomeAdvisor indicates that Americans spent an average of $13,000 on home repairs in 2021, marking a substantial increase of over fifty percent compared to 2019. This surge underscores the burgeoning demand for remodeling services and presents a prime opportunity for companies to capitalize on the market’s momentum.

Roughly two-thirds of the total expenditure was designated for refurbishment projects, while the remaining portion was earmarked for maintenance and urgent repairs. Among the various improvement initiatives, a significant 30% was attributed to bathroom modifications, establishing it as one of the most sought-after projects, second only to wall painting. This notable trend underscores the enduring appeal and importance of bathroom remodels in homeowners’ renovation agendas, highlighting their pivotal role in enhancing both aesthetic appeal and functionality within residential spaces. As homeowners increasingly prioritize comfort and functionality, investing in bathroom renovations emerges as a strategic choice for remodeling companies seeking to meet evolving consumer demands and capitalize on prevailing market trends.

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Here are our top recommendations for turning this market expansion into revenue development for your organization:

1. Optimize Your Website to Convert The Construction Leads You Want

Your website is the most effective tool for converting leads for your bathroom remodeling business. Bar none.

Undoubtedly, you have been receiving an abundance of recommendations through word of mouth. However, where do you believe these referrals go when someone suggests your bathroom remodeling business?

They visit your site.

Even if it’s merely to find your phone number, any consumer will Google you before speaking with your sales or project team. When they do arrive at your website, there must be ample possibilities to convert them into leads.

In addition to word-of-mouth referrals, you should also optimize your website to convert web-based leads.

If your objective is to generate more leads, word-of-mouth referrals should not be your primary source of leads. You should optimize your website and marketing approach to attract more traffic, and you should employ conversion technologies to produce leads once new people arrive at your website.

Include the following three conversion tools on the website of your bathroom remodeling company:

Implement Impactful CTAs

CTA = Calls-to-Action.

This is the optimal method for generating leads through your website.

A call-to-action is any button or page on your website for bathroom remodeling that encourages leads to take action.

Buttons such as “Request a Quote” and “Get a Project Bid” are simple to integrate and facilitate the generation of leads.

When prominent calls-to-action are present on your website, you make it simple for qualified leads to convert when they’re ready to speak with your sales staff.

Intriguing Content Offer

Calls-to-action are an excellent approach to convert qualified leads who are close to making a purchase. However, getting an estimate may be too much to ask of someone who has just begun exploring bathroom renovation firms.

These visitors require a more gentle conversion opportunity. Here, content offers come into play.

Material offerings are pieces of content that you place behind a gate on your website. Typically, this gate is a contact form. This is an excellent example of a content offer focused on contractors.

If you were a contractor interested in saving money, you could be interested in this content offer. When you submit your information, you receive the offer and the firm receives your information.

That’s an entirely new lead.

Content offers deliver qualified lead conversion prospects without requiring any effort from your sales team. They are an excellent soft-conversion option that can enhance your bathroom renovation company’s lead generation without requiring your sales team to put in a lot of extra effort.

Conversational Language

Conversational marketing is an additional effective conversion technique you can employ to increase your bathroom renovation company’s lead production and save time for your sales team in lead qualification.

Implement conversational marketing solutions, such as a chatbot, on some of your website’s pages with the most traffic. Your home page and any sites showcasing your previous work are excellent ideas.

If a potential lead has any questions or wants to learn more about one of your previous bathroom renovation projects, all they need to do is send a message to the chatbot as soon as the thought occurs.

Either the chatbot can respond based on your predefined discussions, or a member of your sales staff can respond directly through the chatbot. If this lead appears to be qualified, the chatbot can capture their contact information so that your sales staff can follow up, generating another lead.

Conversational marketing tools tackle the problem of providing the correct response to a question at precisely the right time by guaranteeing that your website is constantly active and able to respond to inquiries even when your sales team is unavailable.

Emotional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words — and two pictures could be worth thousands of dollars in new business… if those pictures are well done Before & After photos.

Nothing instantly shows the quality of your work like a well-composed “Before & After” photo. Of course, bad photos could just as easily work against you. If a prospect or customer comes to your website or social media page and sees an “After” photo that looks as bad or worse than the “Before,” it could cost you their business.

2. Focus on Local SEO Optimization

High quality, qualified leads are the name of the game. In many cases, generating unqualified leads is worse than generating no leads at all, because the sales team wastes time only to discover that the lead is not a good fit for the company.

Although you want to increase your bathroom renovation company’s lead generation, you don’t want to attract irrelevant leads. All bathroom remodeling companies operate within a particular geographic region. Foreign leads or leads from places you do not serve are a waste of time.

Local SEO is essential to ensuring that your lead generation activities are only attracting the most qualified leads. This involves customizing your digital presence, including your online listings and website, to properly indicate where you work.

Optimizing your Google Business page

Your Google Business profile is an essential starting point.

When someone searches for “home remodeling firm near me,” a search engine results page will appear that highlights businesses with Google My Business Listings. For instance, a search for “house remodeling in San Diego” returns three companies. These results get more clicks than any other websites on the search results page – including paid ads.

This is a free listing created by Google to assist users in locating the finest business for whatever service they are seeking. It includes our business hours, website, and photographs of our staff.

At a minimum, you should claim the Google My Business listing for your bathroom remodeling company and edit the information on your service area.

The service area business details allow you to specify the regions you cover, the location of your company, and more. This helps Google determine your location, which benefits you. Google is more likely to display your business when someone searches for a commercial construction company in their area if they are aware of your location and the locations you serve.

Pro Tips:

– If possible, strive to accumulate reviews on your Google My Business listing. Businesses with the highest ratings appear at the top of local search results.

– Include your keyword objective, for example “bathroom remodeling,” in your Google Business name

Optimize your website for local SEO

It is advisable to also optimize your website for local SEO, especially if you wish to outrank the competition. This is yet another wonderful technique to increase your lead production potential for qualified, relevant leads. Several techniques to enhance your website for bathroom remodeling to get more local leads include:

* Add location-specific webpages to your site. If you have many offices or locations, develop a page for each one and mention the unique hours and service options for each. This will improve your rankings for all geographic areas that you service.

* Create regional content. People in your area who are considering a bathroom remodeling project often have questions regarding local building laws and standards. Creating content that addresses these location-specific queries might increase your visibility in local search results.

* Ensure that the name, address, and phone number of your bathroom renovation company are consistent across the web. This makes it easy for customers to locate you and determine where your business is located.

A small investment in local SEO for your construction company can pay off in spades. The greater your local search optimization, the more qualified visitors you will receive. And, as we discussed previously, more qualified traffic equals more qualified leads.

3. Setup, run, and optimize Google Ad / Local Service Ad campaigns

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a web advertising approach that enables bathroom remodeling businesses to publish ads online to sell products and services. Advertisers place bids on the value of a click using PPC. Once an ad has been published, the publisher is liable for paying a fee whenever an internet user interacts with it.

How It Operates

Pay-per-click advertising strategies take into account user intent, relevancy, and a business’s location. Certain search queries trigger the display of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements in search engine results pages.

Types of Pay-Per-Click Ads

Ads for bathroom remodeling are available in a range of formats and can be published on a wide variety of websites. Here are seven of the most frequent types of pay-per-click advertisements and how you may utilize them to expand your business.

Search Ads

The most prevalent form of PPC advertising is search ads. In fact, 75% of consumers believe paid search adverts facilitate information discovery. Text advertising that includes a website URL and the phrase “Ad” are known as search ads. Search advertising might display at the top or bottom of search engine results pages.

Display advertisements

Unlike search advertising, which consist solely of text, display ads may include both text and graphics. According to Thomas, more than ninety percent of internet users are exposed to display advertisements. No wonder they are one of the most effective methods of advertising.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing advertisements are adverts that are driven by third-party cookies. They are intended to reinvigorate your audience. Sometimes, users may view the website of your bathroom renovation firm, but do not convert.

In this case, remarketing ads are your second opportunity to market to them with relevant, customized ads based on where they are in the conversion funnel.

Paid social ads

Paid social ads are sponsored advertisements that can appear on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. 

Social ads may require more time and creativity than traditional search ads, but they are pleasing to the eye, which helps them reach their target audience just as effectively. Social advertisements can take any shape, from images to videos.

A further benefit of social advertisements is that they enable bathroom remodeling companies to market to their target audience based on:

  • Behavior\Demographics
  • Education\Interest\Location
  • Videos


On sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, video ads, also known as instream ads, can appear at any time during, after, or before a video is being played. Occasionally, these advertisements may also display in a small sidebar.

Local Service Ads –  LSA

Google Local Services Ads are online adverts that appear in SERPs when a user in your area searches for relevant products or services using a keyword. These advertisements are generally the first thing a user encounters. They may appear in various locations on the first page, including above organic results, at the top of search results, and above pay-per-click Google Ads.

4. Always measure, manage, and optimize

The greatest strategy to increase the number of leads generated by your bathroom renovation company is to learn from past attempts.

What are the most effective lead generation strategies for your bathroom remodeling company? Which strategies failed?

It is essential to maintain track of your efforts and assess what works and what doesn’t so that you can produce leads more effectively in the future.

We always encourage using a CRM to manage and analyze data related to your marketing and lead generation efforts, but you can also leverage the individuals you speak with on a daily basis to determine what is working to produce leads for your business.

This is how:

How did your new leads discover you? This will help you gain a better understanding of the source of these leads. When you have this information, you can determine which of your lead generation tactics are producing new leads.

Why did your consumers choose your bathroom remodeling company? Did they enjoy a guide or content offer on your website? Were you the top Google result? Why did they choose your bathroom remodeling business over the competition? The answers to these questions should also reveal which lead generation strategies are effective for your team.

Consult with your sales team to determine which activities, tools, and platforms generate the most quality leads. Your sales crew interacts daily with prospects and customers. Conversations with these individuals will reveal what information is most pertinent to them and what helps convert new visitors into leads.

The more you understand your existing lead generation initiatives and their efficacy, the more instinctively you can adapt future efforts.

Allocate more time and resources to the lead generation strategies that are producing the best results. If something is not working, take a break or approach it from a different perspective.

Digital Analytics

Tracking your website’s analytics is vital to ensuring your home remodeling marketing efforts are profitable. This information will reveal how much traffic your website receives, where that traffic originates, and what activities site visitors do.

There are other website analytics tools available, but Google Analytics is the most popular and it’s free. Google Analytics can monitor visitor numbers, geographic data, page usage, bounce rate, and conversions. This information is crucial because it enables you to determine which marketing activities are successful and which are not.

You may also monitor your website’s keyword rankings, impressions, clicks, and click-through rate (CTR) using Google Search Console. This information might reveal which keywords attract traffic to your website and which ones require improvement. By collecting this data, you may change your marketing plan and methods to maximize your efforts.

For instance, you may instantly modify your plan if a particular marketing effort results in a decline in visitors. Or, if you observe that visitors are leaving your website after landing on particular pages, you might modify those pages to keep visitors interested.

Sign up for a free Google Metrics account and install the tracking code on your website to begin monitoring your website’s analytics. After creating an account and installing the tracking code on your website, you will be able to view a variety of visitor data. This includes their location, the device they are utilizing, the sites they visit, and the length of time they spend on your website.

Frequently, bathroom renovation businesses have difficulty generating qualified digital leads, either because they lack an online presence or because they are unsure of the type of leads they need. If you can master these two elements and use even a handful of these lead generation strategies, your bathroom remodeling business will begin to experience an increase in leads.

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