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SEO for Home Remodeling | The Ultimate Guide

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SEO for Home Remodeling | The Ultimate Guide

In the home remodeling industry, online visibility reigns supreme—the more website traffic, the more leads. Use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your home remodeling website’s presence and rank on top of online search results.          

Potential customers searching online for home remodeling contractors want to quickly find what they need. Data shows 97 percent of people learn about a local company online more than anywhere else, and 75 percent never click “next” to see the second page of search results.

SEO strategy comprises an effective component of digital marketing, and enables your home remodeling business to reach the top spot to generate more leads and attract new customers.

What is home remodeling SEO?

Home remodeling SEO is the strategy of optimizing home remodeling websites so your company ranks high in organic search results and users click on your webpage.

When a user performs a Google search—such as “air conditioning” or “ac repair”—they see organic results as well as paid advertisements and featured snippets. Organic Google search results rank by algorithm, which incorporates many ranking factors, making an SEO campaign strategy of high importance in internet marketing.

Identify the home remodeling keywords that your prospects are using

Keywords help a search engine, such as Google or Bing, determine the relevance of a web page to a search. Understand what potential customers search for and incorporate target keywords throughout your home remodeling web design.            

For instance, if you own a company in Denver, home remodeling keywords could include “Denver home remodeling,” “home remodeling in Denver,” “Denver remodeling company,” or “Denver remodeling contractor.”

These keywords should be used in headers, copy, and in HTML computer codes throughout your website. Keyword usage should be natural, and not unnecessarily stuffed.

Perform keyword research to determine key topics, words and phrases to benefit your users and your website. SEO experts suggest creating separate web pages if you want your website to rank for multiple keywords.

Some of the home remodeling keywords that we find to be most effective for the industry:

  • Home remodeling companies
  • Home remodeling contractors 
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling companies
  • Kitchen remodeling contractors 
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling companies
  • Bathroom remodeling contractors 
  • Home addition designers
  • Home improvement designers
  • Home redesign services
  • Home remodel designers
  • Home renovation designers
  • Kitchen remodeling designers
  • Remodel designers
  • Renovation designers


Add the “city name” and “near me” modifiers to each keyword to ensure geographic specificity.

Focus on Google Business optimizations

Utilize local SEO for best lead creation in your marketing approach. In fact, 87 percent of homeowners discover a professional online, thus it benefits your business to incorporate local keywords in your SEO approach.

First, ensure that Google My Business contains accurate information about your organization. This guarantees that your business appears in local searches and on maps.

  1. Provide Complete Information For Your Profile

Local search results prioritize the most pertinent results.

The search results for businesses with the most complete and accurate information will be easier to locate.

Leave nothing to speculation or assumption.

Ensure that your profile conveys what your organization does, where it is located, and how to buy the products and/or services it offers.

  1. Incorporate Keywords

Similar to conventional SEO for websites, Google uses a multitude of signals to serve search results.

Incorporating crucial keywords and search terms into your business profile will be highly beneficial.

Use these phrases in your business description and each time you publish a Local Post.

  1. Promote and Monitor Your Reviews

Both quality and quantity of reviews matter here.

They also boost the visibility of your business in search engine rankings.

Create a link that customers may use to submit evaluations of your business in order to encourage them to do so.

  1. Publish Personal and Beautiful Photos

Even while your Google Business page will acquire images from delighted customers over time, you should still post your own photos to ensure that your business is accurately represented. This is why.

Increased Engagement 

While your business description is essential, images enable potential customers to visualize their experience with your company and assess if it meets their demands. Visualization provides people with a degree of predictability, which increases their likelihood of engaging with your organization.

Building Rapport 

When a potential consumer is able to see your team and photos of your work, there is an immediate trust built. Remodeling is an incredibly emotional decision for clients – publish stunning photos that create a deep impression in online shoppers.

Intuitive Interactions

Google My Business images provide a virtual tour that enables potential customers to learn about your business without visiting your website. This can provide you with a significant advantage over rivals.

  1. Let Customers Message You

Occasionally inconvenient, but messages to and from clients are only accessible via the Google Business Profile app.

To accomplish this, tap Customers, then Messages, then Turn on within the app.

Once enabled, customers will be able to send messages to businesses via their Business Profiles using the Message button.

Messages can include personalized automated answers to greet clients upon receipt.

This improves the responsiveness and visibility of the firm, as reaction times will not suffer as significantly.

For best performance and visibility through the GBP, it is essential to keep message response times below 24 hours.

However, obviously faster is superior.

Customers do not want to wait for responses, and a quick response is typically the deciding factor between a customer and a non-customer.

Optimize your website for target keywords

To make your home remodeling website rank-worthy, use on-page SEO to incorporate fresh, high-quality content in your home remodeling website design. Since web pages, not websites, are ranked in search engine results, content marketing companies specializing in SEO recommend posting unique content on multiple web pages.

Consider using blogs, seasonal tips, or other educational information to provide new, quality content on your web pages. Use blogs to rank for long-tail keywords, or unique keyword phrases. Don’t forget about YouTube videos, which can help improve page optimization and enhance user experience.

Use home remodeling SEO keywords in your website’s URL and other HTML elements, such as meta title tags. Search engines and web crawlers read meta tags, which give information about the webpage. Staying consistent and focusing on the smallest details on your website gives you greater visibility on the web, and ideally, more home remodeling leads.

Technical SEO Pro Tip: Ensure the meta title of your home page includes both the city you service and your primary service keyword. Example: “Kitchen Remodeling Experts in San Diego, CA”

Ensure website accessibility and speed for all users

No one wants to wait on a slow webpage.

Statistics show site speed matters, as one in four visitors abandon a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. 

A website with a slow load time can negatively affect its Google ranking.

Currently, good speed standards can be met by meeting Google’s basic Core Web Vitals requirements. It bears reiterating that a page’s relevance is more important than its speed.

Since 2010, Google has considered page speed as a ranking factor. This modification affected desktop search results, therefore what is deemed fast on desktop may load more slowly on mobile devices.

Until nearly a decade later, mobile searches were still being served pages that were excruciatingly slow. Google implemented page speed as a ranking factor for mobile search results in July 2018.

Maintain a fast and user-friendly website to enable customers to get the information they need. This is especially important for customers seeking a home remodeling company because there is often an urgency to their needs. If they can’t get the required information to proceed from your website – they will get it from a competitor.

Keep home remodeling websites well-organized and prominently display important information like your phone number, hours, and geographical service area. Good advertising slogans and other marketing strategies keep your website attractive, memorable, and easy to use.

Design a responsive website

Currently, the user’s journey across the internet is arduous. People access the Internet via smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, televisions, and even smartwatches. To give the most enjoyable user experience, you must ensure that your website appears nice on all screen sizes and shapes. It is therefore essential to have a website with a responsive design.

A responsive design can let you obtain the best of both worlds, despite the fact that the majority of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. It maintains the integrity of your website’s content while adapting it to render appropriately on various devices, making it more user-friendly.

Since the majority of searches for home remodeling services take place on mobile devices, make sure you optimize your website for mobile.

When someone looks up home remodeling services for their area on their iPhone, be sure your website ranks at the top and visitors can find key information. Design your site for mobile users so they can scroll and click with ease. Check to see how your website performs with Google’s mobile-friendly test.

A website that is modern in appearance, mobile-friendly, and quick is essential for expanding your business and attracting new clients. It strengthens your web presence and demonstrates your credibility to customers.

Having an attractive and well-optimized website is, of course, only the beginning. To make it effective, you must still deliver valuable content and superior products and services. But a website is the digital face of your organization, so you must ensure that it is user-friendly, accessible, and adaptable.

Setup consistent business citations

The more accurate business citations and local listings your company garners, the better chance people see your home remodeling company through search engine rankings.

List your company on directory or review sites such as Houzz, Yelp, HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List. These can provide backlinks, a component of off-site SEO. In essence, backlinks provide additional credibility for your company. 

You must do your best to maintain accurate and consistent business listings. That means not having one phone number in one place, and a completely different number in another.

Not only is this thought to be detrimental to local SEO, but it also erodes consumers’ trust. In fact, a stunning 80% of consumers lose faith in local businesses if they discover erroneous or inconsistent contact information or business names online, according to one survey.

Automate Citation Setup with Data Aggregators

There are thousands of online business directories. If each relied on business owners directly inputting NAP information, their data would likely be incomplete. The majority of business owners will not submit to thousands of websites.

Data aggregators eliminate this issue. These companies collect business information and transmit it to hundreds of other websites. If these individuals have your information, you will be cited in numerous places.

There are now three major data aggregators in the United States, but we have discovered the greatest results with Neustar.

Claim, submit, and maintain business listings with InfoGroup and Neustar at no cost. Simply search for your company and claim the listing if it exists. If not, propose a replacement.

Manually Setup Specialized Business Citations 

Now that you’ve taken care of “baseline” citations, the next step is to seek for citation possibilities that are popular in your sector and region.

If you own a hotel, for instance, you will want to be featured on TripAdvisor. If you are an attorney, you will want to be listed on findlaw.com. If you are a realtor, you should have a profile on realtor.com. You get the idea. These are citation opportunities particular to a given industry.

The top citation site for home remodelers:

  • HomeAdvisor.com
  • Porch.com
  • BuildZoom.com
  • Networx.com
  • HomeStars.com
  • TheBlueBook.com


The physical location of your business will create extra potential for citations. For example, you should likely register with the local Chamber of Commerce and other local business organizations.

Secure local backlinks

Links are one of the most crucial ranking indicators, according to every major local SEO organic study and map pack survey. Therefore, if you want your or your client’s local business to rank higher on Google, you will need backlinks.

What is neighborhood link building?

Local link building is the practice of constructing contextually and/or locally relevant links to an organization’s website. The objective is to attract traffic and users to the website and improve its ranking in local search results and pertinent map packs.

Local link construction, like any link building, takes research, effort, persistence, and originality. Here are nine techniques for creating local links to get you started:

  • Acquire links from other local websites – such as the local chamber of commerce
  • Get links your rivals have
  • Claim unlinked mentions


Capture data, analyze, and optimize 

Monitoring and managing your website metrics will give you the insights to make your home remodeling company website more successful and enhance your conversion rate.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors in determining the growth of your remodeling business. The more organic traffic your website receives, the greater the number of leads and conversions it will generate.

In numerous ways, website analytics contribute to the SEO of your site. By understanding the demographics and interests of your visitors, you can generate tailored content and improve your search engine rankings. In addition, you can acquire insight into backlinks by monitoring your referrals.

Google Analytics can connect with Google Search Console and monitor which search terms provide the most traffic to your website. It delivers actual clicks, impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), and average position statistics.

You can also set up site search tracking and monitor what your site’s visitors are searching for. Using this feature of Google Analytics, you can compare your existing content to what users are searching for and determine whether or not their expectations are being met. 

We recommend capturing and analyzing the following metrics:

Google rankings

Clicks and impressions of target keywords

Organic website traffic

Google Business analytics

Online forms

Phone Calls



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