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Houzz for Home Remodeling | 7 Tips to Get Started

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Houzz for Home Remodeling | 7 Tips to Get Started

Houzz is a social networking platform and online business directory that covers all aspects of home remodeling. Houzz has more than 35 million users overall, including users and businesses. If you work in the remodeling industry, you should take advantage of this online tool to help spread awareness about your company and gain new leads. Users of Houzz appreciate being able to look up nearby experts, see project images, and look up prices and trends on the website.

1. New to Houzz? Start with building your profile.

Showing off project pictures, responding to comments and questions, and creating a method to receive reviews on your profile should be the three primary focuses of your Houzz profile.

We advise changing your cover photo on a quarterly basis to keep your profile looking active and engaging. According to studies, before making a choice, people try to see themselves as a particular group of clients. Seasonal updates to your cover photo will also help to highlight the kind of project users are currently looking for (i.e. patios in the summer and kitchen renovations before the holidays).

Houzz will highlight the information you still need to add to your profile in order to optimize it as you continue to fill it up with the basic fundamentals. Houzz suggests building out a variety of projects, collaborating with clients on ideabooks, requesting reviews from clients, and responding to inquiries and messages in a timely manner. 

Here are a few tips for optimizing your Houzz profile for home remodeling contractors:

  • Use your company logo as your profile picture
  • Make your cover photo a recently completed project
  • Include your business contact information
  • Provide a clear business description
  • List every service area you work in
  • Upload at least 5+ photos
  • Ask for at least 5+ reviews
  • Include a Houzz badge on your website
  • Link any other social media accounts you may have

2. What you should share on Houzz

When sharing content on Houzz, it’s crucial to present your company in the best light possible. Start by showcasing your brand’s identity with a captivating cover photo featuring your company logo and a snapshot of one of your recent projects. Accompany this with a succinct yet compelling description of your company’s mission, products, and services to engage visitors right away.

For a comprehensive home remodeling marketing strategy on Houzz, aim to include a minimum of five additional high-quality photographs that showcase your business in action. These images should highlight various aspects of your work, from before-and-after transformations to detailed craftsmanship shots.

Don’t forget to provide links to your other social media profiles, incorporate client testimonials to build credibility, and ensure your contact information is easily accessible. Integrating a Houzz badge into your company website reinforces your presence on the platform and boosts your credibility.

Important items and features to share on Houzz include:

Houzz Projects

Posting professional photographs and well-written content about your completed home remodeling projects is essential for displaying your level of industry expertise. Create your project titles and descriptions using quality keywords and phrases for enhanced SEO.

Houzz Ideabooks

In a manner much like pinning on Pinterest topic boards, you can create Houzz Ideabooks. By posting images of home remodeling projects that are related to your own company projects, you can generate interest in your business. This is especially helpful if you do not have photos of your recently finalized home renovating projects to post.

3. How often should you post on Houzz?

Maintaining an active presence on Houzz requires a consistent posting schedule, which can be time-consuming given the nature of home remodeling projects. From inception to completion, projects may span several weeks or even months, and the process of arranging professional photography further extends the timeline. To ensure your Houzz profile remains engaging and attracts more followers, it’s advisable to post regularly.

Posting at least once a week strikes a balance between staying visible and avoiding overwhelming Houzz users with an excessive number of posts within a short timeframe. This frequency not only keeps your profile fresh and up-to-date but also demonstrates your ongoing activity and commitment to showcasing your work. By adhering to a consistent posting schedule, you can effectively engage with your audience, maintain their interest, and steadily grow your following on the platform.

4. How to interact on Houzz

Reviews: Having ongoing postings of client reviews is an important element in the Houzz algorithm. Fortunately, the site sends frequent email requests to other site users requesting reviews of your business and services. Reviews for products and services are a great way to help other users of Houzz. This will also help you gradually improve your online presence and create more credibility. Once you’ve submitted a review, others can “thumbs up” your review. By responding to other reviews and showing your mastery of home remodeling, others will be more inclined to use your services.

Questions: Provide solutions to Houzz users’ questions, along with links to your website and Houzz profile page. Once you’ve responded to a question, other users will be able to see your answer to those questions. They’re more likely to pay attention to what you’ve written in the future if they know you’re reputable. 

Comments: Respond quickly to other users’ comments, especially those that agree with your own opinions. This will help you build relationships with other viewers. Monitoring the comments of others on your page is especially important if you desire to be an expert on a particular area of home remodeling that other users are interested in. This will help you to show how knowledgeable you are on the topic, which will serve as a positive reference for your clients. You can comment on other users’ posts by clicking the “Reply” button below their posts in order to leave a response. In addition, you can also use the “Show Replies” feature to see other users’ responses in a separate window. Clicking this button will display a list of relevant posts that have been made on Houzz. You can use this list to select the user whose profile page you’d like to comment on and then copy their screen name and paste it into the body of your comment.  

Interact in conversations: You can join conversations relevant to your home remodeling business, such as planning expert advice for a specific project or room in a house. Be sure to respond to other users’ questions and comments. This will help you connect with other Houzz users and demonstrate your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism on Houzz.


5. Advertising and lead generation on Houzz

Utilizing Houzz for lead generation doesn’t necessarily require paid advertising; there are effective strategies to leverage the platform organically. One approach is through optimizing project descriptions for search engine optimization (SEO) and linking them to relevant landing pages. By crafting compelling project descriptions on Houzz and directing users to a landing page, you can pique the interest of your target audience and drive lead generation. This approach is particularly effective when linking to landing pages offering downloadable ebooks related to your home remodeling projects, enhancing the potential for lead capture.

While Houzz Pro+ accounts come with a cost, typically around $350 per month depending on the selected plan, they offer valuable benefits for businesses. These accounts include access to a dedicated Houzz representative who can assist in optimizing your profile for maximum visibility. Additionally, businesses with Pro+ accounts may be featured prominently on the site’s homepage, increasing visibility and attracting more potential leads. Unlike other advertising options, Houzz Pro+ accounts focus on specific cities rather than broader geographical areas or zip codes, allowing for targeted marketing efforts.

Furthermore, investing in a Houzz Pro+ account can lead to additional exposure through featured articles created by Houzz writers. These articles highlight completed home remodeling projects and are showcased in the Houzz blog Stories section. For an additional fee, typically upwards of $2,000, businesses can opt to have their article featured in the site’s newsletter, further expanding their reach and potential for lead generation.

6. Analytics and problem solving on Houzz

Houzz stands out as the premier platform for home professionals, offering a distinctive avenue to gauge performance and engage with users interested in your business. Through Houzz Business Analytics, you gain valuable insights into your business page’s performance metrics. This encompasses metrics such as page visitors, post views, quote requests, and detailed demographic information about your audience. Additionally, you can explore data on similar businesses, facilitating connections within the Houzz community.

Optimizing your Houzz page is paramount to accessing accurate insights about your audience’s interests. An engaging, relevant, and value-driven business page enhances user experience and boosts overall performance. With Houzz Pro, you unlock access to your Online Impact Score, a metric that evaluates your online presence’s strength compared to competitors. This tool aids in identifying areas for improvement in your Houzz profile and website.

It’s crucial to underscore the significance of high-quality imagery on Houzz. As a Houzz representative emphasized in a private conversation, unattractive or unprofessional images risk poor visibility in searches. Investing in professional photography safeguards your brand’s reputation on Houzz and ensures your images garner attention and engagement. If you’re experiencing low visibility or engagement, inadequate imagery could be a contributing factor, warranting a professional photography investment to enhance your brand presence on Houzz.

7. Gaining traction on the projects you publish

Include a detailed description of your project along with a set of images that showcase exactly what you are selling or offering. You can create detailed pages for your projects, so be sure to provide all the necessary information. 

You must choose the appropriate posts for your business from the vast pool on Houzz. The most successful business profiles have a wide variety of posts that serve as great content for potential customers and clients to view. You must also consider your profile’s performance when people read each post.

Include a minimum of 20 keywords to each picture. Keywords are very important in helping you gain traction on your home remodeling project pages. You should include a minimum of 20 high-performing keywords to each image that you upload to help drive traffic to the page from search engines and other potentially interested users. This is a highly effective strategy for gaining traction on Houzz.

Add a variety of photos for each project to increase the chances of users adding your photos to their ideabooks. Visual content is the best way to make your posts compelling for potential customers and clients. The more compelling the photos you use on your profile, the more engagement you will receive, and the more likely it is that users consider you for their home remodeling needs. 

Post before pictures. People looking to remodel their homes love to see before and after photos. Providing visuals such as these is a great way to showcase the work of your home remodeling business and will help turn inquiring clients into qualified leads.

Include product tags. You can use the product tags to provide clearer details about your products and services and let users choose which of the products they are interested in. This will help you improve the overall performance of your Houzz profile page. 

Use proximity based verbiage to increase the chance that users in your service area will be exposed to your page

Give credit to other contractors who worked on the remodeling project with you. You should give credit to contractors and trade partners in your Houzz business profile. You can help each other gain traction on your projects on Houzz by providing a link to their profiles. This will help each of you get more exposure and attract more customers and clients as a result.



To propel your home remodeling business to greater heights, maximizing your online real estate is paramount. By optimizing your search visibility and directing qualified leads to your website, you establish a robust online presence. Additionally, cultivating a strong presence on platforms like Houzz enables you to position yourself as a leading expert in your market’s renovation sector.

Harnessing the power of digital platforms empowers you to reach a broader audience and solidify your reputation as a trusted authority in home remodeling. Through strategic utilization of online channels, you can attract and engage prospective clients, showcase your expertise through compelling content, and ultimately drive business growth. By leveraging these digital assets effectively, you can stay ahead of the competition and carve out a prominent position in the competitive home remodeling industry.



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